Story: Of what benefit is power without wisdom

Story: Of what benefit is power without wisdom

There was a Siddha who possessed great psychic powers.

During a winter day on the mountain, he encountered a very heavy rainstorm. Rain was pouring down and it was very cold. He did not have an umbrella or any kind of shelter. He came upon a cave and intended to run in to escape the rain.

However, there were two people who ran into the cave in front of him and there was no room left for another person.

In reaction to the situation, he shouted to them that the mountain was going to collapse. The two people in the cave immediately ran out despite the downpour outside.

When they ran out, the Siddha ran in to claim the shelter. As soon as he ran in, the mountain collapsed. He had forgotten his highly developed powers caused his words to manifest instantly.

His words buried him in the mountain and he lost his life because of his own power.

Of what benefit is power without wisdom?