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Buddhist Mantra & Meditation Practice

EVERY SATURDAY at 10am – Buddhist 3 Bows, 10 Pureland bows, Chanting Green Tara Mantras

EVERY SUNDAY at 11am: Buddhist 3 Bows, 10 Pureland bows, Chanting Medicine Buddha Mantra.

Learn With Masters Yoga, Meditation & Transformation Group

EVERY SATURDAY at 11am – TaiChi, Qi Gong & Spontaneous Meditation 

EVERY SUNDAY at at 10 am – Yoga stretches & Zen meditation



From Our BLOG:

One Breath or Zen/Buddha breath technique for basic meditation:

  • Sit in a relaxed posture
  • Close your eyes and
  • Bring awareness to your breath.

The idea is not to control your breath but to watch it. Read More: one-breath-breathing-meditation


Buddha – How not to accept others anger

A story that always sticks to me, that my grandfather used to tell me many times: Once Buddha was passing through a village … Read More