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Feb 9, 2020

Have you read your self?

Have you read your self? October 6, 2015 – Posted by jazzpsingh “Parrh parrh alam fazal hoya, Kadee apnay aap nu parrhaya ye naeen If you Read a lot and became a scholar,  But [he] never read himself” -What a beautiful work by Sufi poet Bulleh Shah : Until you have surrendered, until you have let go of
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Oct 6, 2010

Sufi music that takes to trance – Bulleh Shah

This song comes from Bulleh Shah Mysterious is the turn of time. The man who had been refused by the mullahs to be buried after his death in the community graveyard because of his unorthodox views, today enjoys worldwide reverence and recognition. The tomb of Bulleh Shah in Qasur and the area around it is
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