Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

I have heard it quoted many times that 80 percent of the diseases are caused my over selves mainly due to stress. They are psychosomatic in nature; symptoms caused by mental and emotional disturbances.

Disease is disturbance or in ease due to us going against the natural flow or being aware of one law.
What is going with the natural flow?
What is One law?

When we live, work and act in this competitive society, the interactions in daily life with others caus stress. What we have to remind ourselves is on how we can avoid stress and what we can do daily to get rid of it. I dont think the ideas to avoid stress but how to manage stress.

Most of have jumping pulse that are signs of nervousness, anxiety, fear about future, depression. We have never learned how to breath properly. We mostly breath only to our lungs. If you bring notice to your breath and pulse when you are tense you will see that your breathing and pulse is rapid. Similar is true of the breathing of before you start yoga or meditation and the difference when you are done.

Some helpful tips: to balance life that will reduce stress

  1. Phyiscal activity & exercise: Important to dedicated a part of your day to do some kind of physical exercise.
  2. Relaxation and rest: proper rest/sleep with some form of yoga or meditation
  3. Proper nutrition / eating habits
  4. Contentment and be happy: are we happy with what hwe have in present.

1. Physical Activity: Its a struggle, but I make an effort to take few minutes a day in the morning to do few yoga postures or five elements of mao shan tai chi. Even just a little or 1 exercise can get me ready for the day.

2. Relaxation:

Yoga technique:
For me simple yoga technique of breathing in making a sound while stretching and breathing out making a sound while thinking of letting stress go works.
In this technique:
You with control take a deep breath in (optional: making a loud fuuuuu sound)
stop when you reach stomach and its full
take a small pause holding the breath
when control breath fully out
take a pause while your body is empty of air.

This technique can also be combined with every yoga posture to make the yoga more spiritual meditative, to aid one to do the postures from simple mechnical moves to be spiritual.

One Breath or Zen/Buddha breath technique for basic meditation:
sit in a relaxed posture, close your eyes, and bring awareness to your breath. The idea is not to control your breath but to watch it. If you can sense that you are not breathing to your stomach then with intention Guide your breath: by taking a long deep breath all the way to stomach and then without a pause guide it completely coming out. Again without a pause guide it back breathing in.

After few efforts, simply just watch your body breathing one breath (full breathing to stomach and out without a pause)

Difference between Yoga and Buddha is that:
Yoga: is controlled breathing with pauses in between
Zen/Buddha: can begin with intention but never any controling, only watching the natural breath.

Auruvdya herbal remedy: (ancient herbal remedy)
white pumpkin juice + 6 almonds + ginger juice 2 tea spoons, 1/4 spoon black pepper powder , 2 teaspoon basil, jaggery (Brown natural sugar)
drink 2-3 times a day.
Benefit: to feel grounded, emotionally balanced, calm your mind

Let me do my best and be happy every day!