Importance of having a sound body

Importance of having a sound body

Some of us question the necessity of physical exercises like Yoga/Tai Chi/ Mao Shan Five Elements and others want to practice Meditation and find ourselves with pain in back or neck – unhealthy and falling sleep. Here is a nice section I found while reading book by Master Jou, that reminds of why we should exercise.

From “The Dao of Taijiquan – way to rejuvenation” by Master Jou – Buy it on Amazon

Shaolinquan is an exercise invented in the famous Sholin Buddhist Temple in the Hernan, a northern province of China. The temple was built in Shaoshi mountains during the Wei Dynasty in the third century AD.

DAMO, an Indian Bodhidharma master who came to China in 527 AD, lectured there for many years during the Liang Dynasty sixth century AD. Finding many of the monks weak, unhealthy and even prone to fall asleep during sermons and meditation, Damo pointed out the importance of having a sound body in the effort to develop a strong inner spirit.

Before Damo emphasized the need for strength, physical energy and proper body posture in effective concentration, Buddhist theory stressed development of the soul and neglected that of the body. Damo, who encouraged the monks to exercise in the early morning for their health, created several systems of exercise:

  • The change of tendons or Yijinjing
  • The marrow washing or Xisuijing
  • The eighteen Buddha’s hands – Shaolin boxing.

From “The Dao of Taijiquan – way to rejuvenation” by Master Jou

Author’s dream:
“It has long been my dream that one day Americans of all ages, creeds and colors will practicing taijiquan in the parks of this nation as they do in China. Few places in the world have such beautiful open spaces which can and should be used productively at no expense. The result would be tremendous improvement in mental and physical well being.

Now after more than 30 years of researching taijiquan, I understand that it is becoming a lost art. It is my hope that through this book we can work together to revive taijiquan”

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